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Pixie Dust

Pixie Dust

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think of a wonderful thought...

Bergamot, Lime, Marshmallow, Grapefruit, Lemon, Shea, Orange, Mango, Peach, Cedar, Currant

    *an inspired scent


    All products are made with 100% soy wax. Soy wax is biodegradable and water soluble. No toxins, pollutants, carcinogens, and petro-carbon soot. 

    All oils are 100% phthalate-free. No carcinogens, no mutagens, no toxins. Most oils are free from essential oils, if there ever is an essential oil in a blend, you will find that information on the scent description.

    Wax melts are made with biodegradable glitter.

    Car Diffusers are 100% pure fragrance oil.

    Room Sprays are made with Prop 65 compliant materials, toxin-free, mutagen free.

    How To Use

    How To Use Wax Melts:

    Certainly! Here are some bullet points on how to use wax melts:

    - Select a wax warmer or wax melt burner that suits your style and preferences. These come in various designs, including electric, tea light, or bulb-based warmers.

    - Set up the wax warmer on a flat, stable surface away from flammable materials, pets, and children.

    - Remove the wax melt from its packaging and place it in the dish or container of the wax warmer.

    - Turn on the wax warmer according to its instructions. Electric warmers will have a switch or dial, while tea light warmers require a lit candle beneath

    - Keep an eye on the wax melt as it melts. If you want a stronger scent, you can add more wax melts or adjust the heat settings on the warmer.

    - When the wax melt no longer releases fragrance or loses its color, turn off the warmer and allow the wax to cool and solidify. You can then remove and discard the used wax or store it for later use.

    - To maintain the performance and appearance of your wax warmer, clean it regularly by removing any residual wax and wiping it down.

    - Store your unused wax melts in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to preserve their fragrance and quality for future use.

    Remember to follow the specific instructions provided with your wax warmer and wax melts for the best results and safety.

    How to Use Your Car Diffuser:

    - Unscrew the wooden lid attached. Hold the bottle upright and carefully remove the plastic stopper. You may want to do this with a knife or pair of scissors.

    - Screw the lid back on and adjust it to your perfect height. To secure at that height, tie a knot above the wooden bead toward the end of the strings.

    - Tip the bottle gently for a few seconds to allow the fragrance oil to soak the lid. You can add more fragrance by tipping the bottle.

    - This is 100% oil, it will damage surfaces. We are not responsible for any damage from misuse. If oil comes in contact with a surface, clean immediately. Your freshener should never drip oil.

    How to use Your Room Spray:

    - Lightly shake your room spray and remove cap.

    - Spray on soft surfaces such as fabric and rugs for best results.

    - Start with one to three areas and adjust to your desired fragrance strength.

    - Keep away from children, pets, and flames.

    * Magic Melt Co and Ashlee Stuart are not responsible for the misuse of products*


    All orders are processed within 3 to 5 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) after receiving your order confirmation email. You will receive another notification when your order has shipped. 

    During holidays and times of high demand (launch days) your order may take longer to process than usual.

    Due to the nature of our products, returns and exchanges are not offered. If an item arrives damaged, please email us at

    If your order is marked as delivered, but has not been received, you will need to contact your local post office and file a missing mail claim. Magic Melt Co is not held responsible for missing or lost mail.

    *Please check your shipping information before placing an order. If you notice that the wrong address has been used after shipping has occurred, an invoice will be sent to you with the price of the new label. If your order has not shipped, send us a DM or email 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Instant Mood Boost

    OMG! This blend is such a perfect mid-day pick me up. I only ordered one and had to immediately repurchase, because I don't ever want to be without this-- sweet but tangy, somehow sparkly, it's literally magic and has not failed to boost my mood.

    Ariel Ramsey
    Tink in scent form!

    This scent make is stunning. It springy and fruity with subtle woodsy notes. Takes me straight to the jungles of Neverland. Wonder which lost boy I will see first...

    SO GOOD!!

    I absolutely love tinker bell and was super excited to try this melt out! It smells like a beautiful and sunny spring day! The scent made my day 100% better and got lots of compliments on how good my room smells!


    I have been looking for spending tinker bell for my sister and this was perfect! She absolutely loved it when she opened it, It smells so good I think I'm gonna order one for myself!

    Brianna Judah

    I was looking for a small business to buy wax melts from because I had only tried cheap ones from Walmart and I wanted to see the difference in quality. They are better than I could have ever expected!!!!! The scent is perfectly strong without being too much, the wax burns slow and steady, and the added mica is so beautiful once it’s melted! I’m seriously blown away with the quality especially considering how cheap these are. Not to mention the packaging is so pretty and well put together. This particular scent is amazingly citrusy and sweet. I am so excited to order here again!!

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