Got questions? You're in luck, because we have answers. Below, the most popular customer questions. Need to contact me? Send a DM on Instagram! @magicmeltco

What is in our products? All products are made with 100% soy wax. Soy wax is biodegradable and water soluble. No toxins, pollutants, carcinogens, and petro-carbon soot. 

All oils are 100% phthalate-free. No carcinogens, no mutagens, no toxins. Most oils are free from essential oils, if there ever is an essential oil in a blend, you will find that information on the scent description.

Wax melts are made with biodegradable glitter.

Car Diffusers are 100% pure fragrance oil.

Room Sprays are made with Prop 65 compliant materials, toxin-free, mutagen free.

What are wax melt snap bars? Wax melt snap bars are a soy-based alternative to candles. They are used in electric or tea light wax melt burners and release scent.

How long should wax melt snap bars last? The bars that I create have a total burn time between 25-30 hours. Each segment of the five segment snap bars has a burn time between 5-6 hours. Wax melts in the traditional clamshell packaging last between 35-40 hours.

Are your wax snap bars pet friendly? Yes! As a dog mom, I would never use anything to hurt my pets. All bars are made from soy wax with candle/wax melt safe dyes, sustainable mica pigments, and clean burning fragrances. 

Is your packaging eco-friendly? We use either recycled plastic for packaging or cellophane based wraps for the bars. While paper would be a better option, it can pull the scent out of your product and cause it to not have the strong fragrance that you may expect. 

Do you ship internationally? We offer shipping to Canada and the United States.

Do you offer wholesale? At this time we are not offering wholesale.

Can I exchange or refund an item? For all exchange or refund questions, please see the refund policy located on the homepage. 

Can you use these melts in a Scentsy melter? Some melters may become too hot and do not allow the melt to burn correctly. I always have gotten my wax melters from Target and have never had any issues!

What do I do after my wax melt has no scent? One of my favorite things to do is to soak them with a cotton ball and you can use them as fire starters if you are into camping. You can also safely dispose of them with your regular trash. Do not pour them down the sink. 

"I am not getting a lot of fragrance out of my wax melt, what's wrong?" Easy! make sure that your wax melter is not placed near any open windows or vents as they can suck the scent out of your home. There is also the possibility that your melter does not burn evenly or at the correct temperature. If this problem continues, it may be time to replace your burner bulb or stand. 

Do you sell wax melters? At this time we do not.

How do I cancel my subscription? You can cancel/pause/modify your subscription at anytime! To cancel/pause/modify your subscription, please navigate to your original subscription confirmation email. From there you can log in and make those changes with a click! If you run into any issues, reach out to us through email or DM!