Not only am I a notorious over-packer, but when it comes to packing for Disney trips I am awful. Over the past few trips, I have perfected my packing plan. Here is everything I packed for Disney World.


When I was younger I definitely cared more about the “fashion” aspect of going on trips. I wanted to look cute! Now that I am into my thirties I definitely focus more on the comfort part of it. My family and I go quite often and are out-of-state annual passholders. With that being said, it is not a march to get everything done and we actually have time to enjoy our trip and resorts at a slower pace.

My style in real life is more of a curated wardrobe. I love things that are comfortable, but I still want to look on trend, presentable, and is cool lame to say? The past two trips we have taken I have put more thought into what I am wearing along with what we are planning on doing. So the idea behind this trip is comfortable but still a style.


My number one staple when it comes to a packed bag for Disney World is a comfortable bottom. I love biker shorts and leggings. Not only are they soft and stretchy, but I also love to get ones with pockets. I can hold my hand sanitizer, my phone, and anything I need to grab or put away quickly. I am a huge fan of Lululemon leggings because I also use them to workout in. For biker shorts, I have some from Amazon and I absolutely love them.

The next thing is a great oversized tee shirt. I recently wrote a post about my favorite graphic tees that feature themed tops. It is a pretty basic thing, but an oversized tee and some biker shorts are always the first things packed in my bag for Disney World. A big tee is easy to wear, pretty on trend at the moment, and breezy when it is 115 degrees in the shade.

Please, pack comfortable shoes. If you live your life in heels or boots, then more power to you. If you are like me, then you need them. When I open a packed bag for Disney World I can find three types of shoes. I choose one type of sandal, usually Birkenstocks. The next type is my sneakers of the moment, right now I love my Oncloud Rogers and they never hurt my feet no matter how long I am in the parks. The next is my crocs. You read that right. They are so comfortable and great for when the weather turns on you.


I cannot stress this enough to you. Disney World is not really for those who do not plan. We are a family of planners so we are usually good to go. This trip we are doing a Citricos Dinner, a Hoop Dee Doo Revue Dinner, and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

A few extras that I packed for Disney World this trip around are two nicer outfits to wear to dinner and my Halloween costume since adults can dress up during party hours. For dinner outfits to Disney, you can get away with almost anything unless there is a specific dress code. I chose a dress from Nostalchicks I picked up last year. It is really comfy, has a slight Princess Ana Disneybound, and is just elevated enough.

We also plan on spending some time at our resorts so I packed this really casual two piece set from Amazon as a swimsuit cover-up/outfit that I can wear around the resort and not feel like I am exposed. It also gives me some serious 90s vibes which is definitely in my typical daily style.

Finally, every time I go to Disney World I always pack a swimsuit. It is extremely rare that I actually use it, but if we have a great weather day or the parks get too crowded we like to go back to our hotel. This may be my favorite bathing suit ever. It is a one size fits all one-piece from Hunza-G. It is a little on the pricey side, but it is flattering, comfortable, and will last you.


This would not be what I packed for Disney World without mentioning ears. I am an avid ear girl. I love to buy them from every Disney location I have ever been to. There are also so many amazing small shops that make incredible ears. There is also a white pair that I ordered earlier today and I hope they arrive in time!

When we go to Disney World I always bring one of my bags. I typically bring a loungefly backpack with me so that I can keep anything we need in. I have a little first aid pouch, ponchos, phone chargers, and of course my wallet. It is also great for rides where you want to make sure your phone is safe. I also got the SCL Star Wars fanny pack back in May that I love to take to Hollywood Studios.

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